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After completing my graduation i got married .My husband’s job needed lot of touring often he was away from home ,leaving me all alone at home I needed to keep myself busy.My husband used to tell me that ” A Women is just not a woman with external beauty, but is a woman of substance.” Encouraged by him I decided to become a make-up artist . Once deceived, I thought of having best knowledge of the field. Hence i joined ” shahnaz hussain’s training institute ” at delhi. to get more professional touch in “Hair grooming” I joined “habibs Academy ” at south Extension,Delhi Still not satisfied, I made up mind for T.V and Cinematographic make-up. Likewise I joined ‘shaman college of Beauty’ run sushila Vasvani the famous bollywood make up artist. In ‘Aroma therapy’ I got trained from ‘ Aloka’s College, Delhi .’ Apart from these courses I got training under ‘ Christian shaw School ,London ‘ and E.D.P on cosmetics by ministry of Industries, Govt. of India. I came with my own Salon and make-up studio in 1984 (28 years back) at saharanpur(up) . I do miss out socializing due to work but I don’t mind it because definitely work comes first for me. I can’t compromise on my quality work and I cannot accept something that is unsatisfactory for my client. I need to keep a check and look out in every department each time as I am the leading Lady.At times I have to give my family a backseat when it comes to work .It is just that once you jump into the arena of competition then you have to give it a priority.

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